Get to know Komett Studios

noun: comet; plural noun: comets
a celestial body that travels around the sun. Consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust which vaporizes on approaching the sun to form a gaseous luminous coma and a long luminous tail

Komett is the culmination of years of hard work and a passion for something I felt was lacking in the market. This product stemmed from my desire to find an affordable pair of quality sunglasses that can match all of our unique styles, bridging the gap between old and new. We strive to produce vintage inspired frames with a fresh modern day twist.

As our company grows I’m excited for the opportunity to give back. Four years ago when I was struggling with non-Hodgkins lymphoma I vividly remember dealing with the uncertainty. If I could spread awareness and help even one person thats a difference I can be proud of. This is why 10% of all profit made by Komett will be going directly to Lymph&Co so that hopefully one day soon no one else will have to go through what countless have fought with over the years.

Getting diagnosed with cancer, especially at such a young age was a huge struggle, but one that I was lucky to make it through. Cancer in some way also inspired me to live my life exactly the way I wanted to, I found confidence in myself which eventually made me start my business and develop my own line of sunglasses. I hope that through this company we can help to give back and inspire other young people to make a difference, each in our own way.  Every voice and each action counts!

To learn more about Lymph&Co please visit their website:

or check out our page about this cause.